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2018 Fall Conference



Dynamic speakers and presenters interested in leading breakout sessions and seminars at MAASFEP are invited to participate in the only statewide conference dedicated to promoting the effective implementation of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act in our schools.

Every year MAASFEP offers learning opportunities at its conferences for administrators, teachers, and paraprofessionals. MAASFEP is particularly interested in sessions about program development for administrators as well as classroom strategies in reading and math for struggling students. 

MAASFEP recognizes the contribution of presenters to the success of its conferences. To facilitate the needs of our presenters, MAASFEP has established policies in the areas listed below.

Proposal Submission
All presenters are required to complete the online "Call for Presenters" proposal by clicking the "SUBMIT A PROPOSAL" button at the bottom of this page.  The deadline to submit a proposal is Friday, August 10, 2018.

MAASFEP will reimburse breakout session presenters for their actual mileage in travel from home/work to the conference site. The reimbursement is according to the current IRS-established rate. If the presenter plans on attending the conference as a registered attendee representing his/her school district, that district will assume travel costs. MAASFEP does not reimburse for transportation modes (e.g., air fare, car rental) unless established in contract by the MAASFEP Executive Board. Exhibitors are not reimbursed for travel/mileage.

Conference Registration Fees
Presenters who are solely attending the conference for the purpose of presentation may attend other breakout sessions on the day of their presentation at no cost. Presenters who are attending the entire conference are required to pay the full registration fee.

MAASFEP provides presenters a noon meal the day of their presentation. MAASFEP does not reimburse presenters for any other meals in conjunction to their presentation.

MAASFEP reimburses presenters for their lodging costs only when the presenter is required to present on both days of the conference and they reside more than 50 miles away from conference location. Typically, lodging reimbursement is not covered by MAASFEP. If the presenter plans on attending the conference as a registered attendee representing his/her school district, that district will assume lodging costs. MAASFEP does not reimburse for lodging unless established in contract by the Conference Chair. MAASFEP does not reimburse lodging for exhibitor presentations.

Preparation and Copy Stipend
The MAASFEP Executive Board has approved a $50 stipend for preparation time and hand-out copy expenses incurred beyond what is provided for by MAASFEP. This stipend applies to a presentation (regardless of the number of presenters involved) for the conference (regardless of the number of repeated presentations made). To receive this stipend, the lead contact person must submit the reimbursement form to the Conference Facilitator. Employees of the Department of Education are not eligible for this stipend. Exhibitors are not eligible for this stipend.

Exhibitor Presentation Participation- (Please note changes)
Exhibitors are invited to submit proposals if they registered as an Eagle Level Exhibitor for the conference.

Exhibitors must complete a proposal by the submission deadline. Exhibitors are not eligible for any of the reimbursements listed in this guide. MAASFEP reserves the right to limit the number of Exhibitor sponsored presentations and submissions will be reviewed by the MAASFEP Presentation Committee.  Exhibitors will be notified regarding whether they will be presenting based upon the focus of the MAASFEP Conference and the mix of other presentations submitted.

Exhibitors may make mention of their services/products during their presentations, however, they should not deliver a sales presentation as attendees have noted displeasure on past evaluation forms.  Exhibitor's presentations will be clearly noted in the conference guide descriptions.