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Breakout Sessions & Presenters

Introducing MAASFEP’s 2018 Conference Breakout Sessions and Presenters!

Sponsored by Scholastic - Moving from Good to Great: Harnessing the Power of Families to Support Student Learning — Jenni Brasington

Sponsored by McGraw Hill- I Matter: Equity for ALL in Minnesota — Amber Woodford

The Dual Capacity Framework for Family-School Partnerships — Karen L. Mapp, Ed.D

Fighting the Good Fight in Math: Teaching Concepts v. Procedures — Daniel R. Venables

ESSA Accountability: Progress Toward English Language Proficiency — Michael Diedrich

Accountability Indicators Under ESSA — Michael Diedrich

Identifying Schools for Support Under ESSA — Michael Diedrich

Equitable Services for Nonpublic Programs — Debra Landvik Letendre, Terryl Pearson, Suzanne Maus

ESEA and Parent Notifications Barbara Al Nouri

Title III Presentation-Minnesota Standarized English Lerner Procedures — Barbara Al Nouri

ESEA and Parent Notifications — Barbara Al Nouri

Parent Notifications-Part of Your Parent and Family Engagement Planning — David Holbrook, TransACT

Khan Academy: Equity in Education — Josh Gerloff

Closing the Implementation Gap — Lizzie McNamara

Math In Motion — Mary Dank

Intentional Decision Making During the Reading Conference — Kari Yates

Moving Readers Forward: Language Choices that Matter — Kari Yates

TESTING 1, 2, 3 - New Minnesota Teacher Website — Holly Pope

Minnesota Department of Education Data Center: Secure Reports — Holly Pope

Implementing Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS): Are We Making Progress? — Rebecca Nies

Implementing and Documenting Your Title I Program — Wayne Kuklinski and Sara George

Going to School as a Muslim American: What Educators Need to Know — Nemeh Al-Sarraj

Who's Doing the Work? Supporting Readers During Independent Reading and Conferring — Susan Braithwaite

In-Depth Analysis of Struggling Fourth-Grade Students in Minnesota — Jenny Cain

Putting "Specific" Into Literacy Smart Goals — Jennifer Wazlawik, Cory Stai

The State of Reading Well by Third Grade — Cory Stai, Jennifer Wazlawik, Amy Schulting

Fostering Math Talk and Number Sense Through Books — Julie Ostlund

Transforming Learning: Understanding the Needs of English Learners — Michelle Niska and Ursula Lentz

Five Components of an Effective Intervention — Stacy Thompson

Foster Care and ESSA: Providing Education Stability for Foster Care Students — Beth Chaplin

McKinney-Vento Act Q&A — Roberto Reyes